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Commands in Big Data Hadoop

Jps  check Hadoop daemons like NameNode, DataNode, ResourceManager, NodeManager etc. which are running on the machine.

hadoop fs -ls /

hadoop fs -mkdir /user/training  Create a new directory in HDFS

hadoop fs -put data/sample.txt /user/training  Add a sample text file from the local dir “data” to the new dir created in HDFS

hadoop fs -ls /user/training  List  contents of this new directory in HDFS.

hadoop fs -put data/retail  /user/training  Add the entire local directory called “retail” to the

hadoop fs -copyFromLocal /home/training/purchases.txt /hadoop

hadoop fs -df hdfs:/   Available on currently mounted filesystem

hadoop fs -count hdfs:/  Count the number of directories,files and bytes under the paths that match the specified file pattern

hadoop fsck – /      Run a DFS filesystem checking utility

hadoop balancer     Run a cluster balancing utility

 hadoop fs -text /filename  To view the compress files

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