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Pig Built-in functions(EVAL) in Big Data Hadoop

AVG() compute the average of the numerical values within a bag.
BagToString() To concatenate the elements of a bag into a string. While concatenating, we can place a delimiter between these values (optional).
CONCAT()To concatenate two or more expressions of same type.
COUNT()To get the number of elements in a bag, while counting the number of tuples in a bag.
COUNT_STAR() It is similar to the COUNT() function. It is used to get the number of elements in a bag.
DIFF()To compare two bags (fields) in a tuple.
IsEmpty()To check if a bag or map is empty.
MAX()To calculate the highest value for a column (numeric values or chararrays) in a single-column bag.
MIN()To get the minimum (lowest) value (numeric or chararray) for a certain column in a single-column bag.

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