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Pig Relational Operations in Big Data Hadoop

Loading and Storing

LOAD   To Load the data from the file system (local/HDFS) into a relation.

STORE   To save a relation to the file system (local/HDFS).


FILTER   To remove unwanted rows from a relation.

DISTINCT   To remove duplicate rows from a relation.

FOREACH, GENERATE   To generate data transformations based on columns of data.

STREAM   To transform a relation using an external program.

Grouping and Joining

JOIN   To join two or more relations.

COGROUP   To group the data in two or more relations.

GROUP   To group the data in a single relation.

CROSS   To create the cross product of two or more relations.


ORDER   To arrange a relation in a sorted order based on one or more fields (ascending or descending).

LIMIT   To get a limited number of tuples from a relation.

Combining and Splitting

UNION   To combine two or more relations into a single relation.

SPLIT   To split a single relation into two or more relations.

Diagnostic Operators

DUMP   To print the contents of a relation on the console.

DESCRIBE   To describe the schema of a relation.

EXPLAIN   To view the logical, physical, or MapReduce execution plans to compute a relation.

ILLUSTRATE   To view the step-by-step execution of a series of statements.


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