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Pig Vs MapReduce in Big Data Hadoop

•Apache Pig is a data flow language.  MapReduce is a data processing paradigm.
•It is a high level language.  MapReduce is low level and rigid.
•Performing a Join operation in  Pig is pretty simple.  It is quite difficult in MapReduce to perform a Join operation between datasets.
•A person with a basic knowledge of SQL can work  with  Pig.  Exposure to Java is must to work with MapReduce.
•Pig uses multi-query approach, thereby reducing the length of the codes to a great extent.  MapReduce will require almost 20 times more the number of lines to perform the same task.
•There is no need for compilation. On execution, every  Pig operator is converted internally into a MapReduce job.  MapReduce jobs have a long compilation process.

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