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Top 210+ DBMS Interview Questions and Answers in 2023

A database is organise collection of data for one or more purpose usually one typically organize model relevent espect of reality. In a way that support process requiring this information.
DBMS is a collection of program or software that used to create and mantain database. For example: SQL MySql, Orcle etc. 
DBMS provides various operation like database creation, sharing  and access multiple users. 
The database management system is general purpose software system that facilitiate the process defining constructing manupulating and sharing database among various users and application.
Defining a database involve specify the data type, structure and constraint the data to be store in database. constructing the database is the process of storing the data itself on some storing medium of some controling medium.
1)-The Hospital database organizes the data about the Staffs, Doctors and Patients etc.
2)-The College database organizes the data about the Admin, Staff and Students etc.
You can easily access, insert, update and delete records or information.

1 - What is database?
2 - What is database management system?

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