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What is HTML Input Types in HTML 5

HTML Input Type attribute defines the type of <input> element to display. There are 22 types are using in HTML Input.


<!Doctype Html>  
HTML Input Types  
<input type="text">

<input type="checkbox">

<input type="radio">

<input type="hidden">

 <input type="button">

<input type="submit">

<input type="reset">

<input type="password">

<input type="file">

<input type="color">

<input type="date">

<input type="datetime-local">

<input type="email">

<input type="search">

<input type="image">

<input type="month">

<input type="number">

<input type="range">

<input type="tel">

<input type="time">

<input type="url">

<input type="week">


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