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What is transaction in MySql

A transaction is defined as a logical unit of work which happen in its entirity or not at all.

ACID Property

1-Atomicity-Either all or none.there is no partial result.an event either happens and is commited or fails and rollback.

2-Consistency-Transaction must bring the database from one consistent state to another consistent state.

3-Isolation-Each transaction should feel that it is the only which is executing in the system but in realting some others also may execute.

4-Durability-The changes made by a transaction is permanent in nature unless another transaction makes the charge to the database.

Execution of transaction-

1-Serial execution

2-Concurrent execution

1-Serial execution-All the operation of a transaction complete then operation of other transaction will start.no intermixing / interleaving of operations of transaction.



n=2 transaction

T1     T2

T2     T1

n=3 transaction

T1      T2      T3

T1      T3      T2

T2      T1      T3

T2      T3      T1

T3      T1      T2

T3      T2      T1

if n is number of transaction in a system  then-

Total number of serial execution=n!

2-Concurrent execution-Interleaving of operations of different transactions.it leads to more resourse utilization and thoughtput, reduced waiting time.if operationare not interleaved properly then it causes some problems also.

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